IMMORTAL REBEL Excerpt - Prologue

Hey everyone! Just as I did for CAPTIVE REBEL, I plan on letting everyone read the first chapter of IMMORTAL REBEL for free! Immortal Rebel is a first person perspective novel from Phoibe's point of view. However, the Prologue gives us an insight to Michael O'Conner's life.

Remember, this is an advanced read and has not yet gone through the appropriate editing/proofreading stages.





Michael O’Conner was all too aware he had been betrayed. Somberly, he walked through a scorched rebel town, ashes flying in his wake. The inhabitants of this town, Pyke, all died as they faced the wrath of the Allegiant army.

Once a peaceful town, hidden deep in a valley protected by the Ashen Mountains, it should have never been found. If it wasn’t for me, no one would have died. This is my fault.

“No,” he violently shook his head, arguing with his very own thoughts. It was his fault. Anthony’s fault. Michael wondered if Anthony was even the man’s name. Anthony was certainly not a greek name, as all other Allegiant’s names were.

And Anthony turned out to be an Allegiant spy.

Rage consumed him as he recalled speaking of the peaceful rebel town, Pyke. He told Anthony the tale of happy rebel families living under the sun rather than deep in the mountains, where all rebel towns were located. He told the story of a valley, hidden by the Ashen Mountains. He told his trusted ally all this in hopes that Anthony would one day visit Pyke. He believed together, he and Anthony could find momentary peace from the constant battles they faced everyday.

Of course, at the time he believed Anthony was a fellow rebel warrior, fighting the rebellion’s war.

He was wrong.

Anthony was far from a rebel warrior and far from a friend. He was an Allegiant spy who played Michael like a well tuned fiddle, and Michael fell for every word Anthony spit his way.

Because of Michael’s premature decision to trust Anthony with crucial information, hundreds were killed.

“I’ve killed them all,” Michael said through gritted teeth, collapsing onto his knees. He looked around the town, examining the burnt down homes. There was not one cry for help.

There were no survivors.

This town was lost to the past.

Defeated, he burrowed his hands under the ash covered ground. Intense pain struck his heart as he looked down to the grey below him.

Then, an unusually swift breeze brushed past him, blowing dark strands of hair across his face. The ash around him rose high in the sky, mocking tornadoes in a storm.

Michael looked up at three ash formed tornadoes, twisting along the desolate land in front of him. He focused his eyes on the twirling ash until he noticed three sets of cat-like eyes staring back at him.

The wind slowed and the ash fell to the floor. Once hidden by the ash, three beautiful women wearing long white gowns now stared down at him. The three women were as beautiful as goddesses with raven black hair flowing down their hourglass shaped figures.

They stared at him in silence, and he did the same. Until, finally, one spoke. “You’ve betrayed us,” the woman in the middle said.

"You… you are survivors?” Michael asked, wishing he hadn’t the moment the words slipped from his lips. These three women appeared out of thin air and looked down to him with glowing emerald eyes.

They were far from simple survivors.

The middle woman gave a petty laugh. “There are no survivors.”

“No thanks to you,” the woman on the left scoffed as she tossed back her hair.

“My name is Tisiphone,” The middle woman spoke once again,  “I am the Fury of vengeful destruction. We’ve been sent to earth by Hades.” Michael’s heart dropped. Hades sided with the rebellion’s cause in this war, whereas Zeus and Poseidon sided with the prolific Allegiant. The Allegiant masses wanted nothing other than to eradicate anyone who was not them and leave earth to themselves. The rebellion fought for their lives, the Allegiant fought out of greed.

Though there were tales that Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon fought in the wars that eradicated billions over two hundred years ago, Michael never believed it was true. He never believed the gods actually had involvement in the wars.

Until now.

“You’ve done a great deal of damage to the rebellion’s cause by killing off your own.” Tisiphone raised an eyebrow.

Michael wanted to argue and explain that he was not the one who killed these families. But that would be a lie, wouldn’t it? They would still be alive if it was not for him. All of them were dead because of his carelessness. He should have never trusted Anthony.

“Now, remember what you have done as I, Tisiphone, enact vengeance upon you for your wrongful acts.”

Michael clenched the ash below him with his fists, his body vibrating in not fear, but anger. “I can right this wrong. Tell Hades I can right this!” He was pleading, though still not entirely understanding the sight playing in front of him. Immortals were in his presence. It almost seemed impossible.

He always prayed to Hades out of habit, but it was not until now that he realized Hades was real.

“Why punish me? Why not Anthony?” If that was even his name.

“Anthony is an Allegiant fighter, under the protection of Zeus and Poseidon. You, however, are a rebel who has killed your own.” The woman on the left spoke briefly.

"We are the Furies, sent to enact vengeance to those who have done wrong. You have committed homicide in the thousands, to your own kind.” Tisiphone spoke.

Before Michael could speak another word, the wind whipped once again. The three beautiful women transformed in front of his eyes. Their white dresses turned a deep shade of blood red. Thin strands of black hair bunched together, transforming into hissing black snakes - sprouting from their very heads. The last he could see of their transformation were elongated black wings sprouting from behind their backs. Then ash consumed their bodies once again, only allowing Michael to see their glowing cat-like eyes.

A voice came from the ash filled void, a voice much too deep for any woman. “A curse shall be put upon you, Michael O’Conner. You will never be given the chance to understand the fate you have given to those who fell to the Allegiant. You will never experience death as these people have. You do not deserve that courtesy. You will not know external pain, and for that you will be filled with internal pain. You will watch as all you love grows old and dies while you remain stagnant for all eternity.”

A blast of wind overcame the area and he was struck backwards from the force. His head flung back and hit the ground behind him, immediately knocking him out cold.

The wind ceased and when the ash settled to the ground, the women were there no longer. All that remained was a burnt down town and a nineteen year old who did not yet understand the repercussions of his actions.

He would learn soon.